Is Anybody Listening?

many talk but few listen

Wrong Number?

How often have you discovered you have been trying to contact someone on the wrong phone number – or perhaps an old phone number that is no longer in use? It is frustrating because of the lack of response – especially if you have something important or urgent to discuss. You are not getting through. […]

Right Place – Right Time

What to say is one thing – but where to say it is quite another. In the days of the physical market place it may have been a lot easier. Or you could put ads in the newspapers or on the radio or TV. Even that was relatively simple, but it required a degree of […]

The Temptation to Shout Louder

I suppose that shouting louder is a very natural response – especially at the interpersonal level. People working in noisy environments, or among a bunch of noisy children, sometimes need to shout to be heard. But if people don’t want to hear, or if they are busy listening to something else, then shouting could be […]

It Could Improve Your Health

A fascinating story on the radio yesterday caught my attention. It reported on a recent research study which suggests that if people cultivate their listening skills it could improve their health. Their mental health. But not any kind of programming. The study involved classical music in particular, I understand. It appears that the structured style […]

Exaggerated Claims

An earlier post about the Royal Wedding talked of a BBC claim of a global audience of “2 billion people”. That figure has since been described as “an educated guess” while experts like Dr Graham Mytton, former head of IBAR, who launched a quite vocal attack on its veracity during a BBC interview.. Could it […]

Anybody Watching (the Royal Wedding)?

Now that’s a different story! An event that is off the scale in terms of popularity and global appeal. We hardly need to ask ‘why?’ people around the world were drawn to this spectacular event on April 29 2011 as Prince William was married to Kate Middleton. Aside from the glamour and ceremony – it […]

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