Is Anybody Listening?

many talk but few listen

When Silence Speaks

Silence can sometimes speak very loudly. Most recently one news┬áreporter in Brussels was there to report on the aftermath of the bombings there a few weeks ago. The crowds gathered in the streets stood in silence – a very poignant silence that spoke volumes. Sometimes it is the still small voice or the complete absence […]

Listen to the Crowd…!

The roar of the Olympic crowds has been deafening. Competing on home turf has meant enormous support for home athletes, teams and crews. It has also given them a significant advantage ┬áRowing crews described the impact as being like that of having an extra person in the boat as they approached the final strait. The […]

Behind London Burning

“Young people feel they are not being listened to” was the reason given by one member of Parliament today. She was identifying a possible root cause of the recent rioting, looting and burning that took place in London and other major cities in England this past week. Was she right? We don’t know the full […]

When Credibility is Lost

Credibility is all about trust. Trust and confidence are too vitally important commodities that are easily under-valued. We possibly won’t realise how critical they are until they are lost. Or perhaps we do, because we discover that trust first has to be built before relationships can be established. It has a lot to do with […]

It Could Improve Your Health

A fascinating story on the radio yesterday caught my attention. It reported on a recent research study which suggests that if people cultivate their listening skills it could improve their health. Their mental health. But not any kind of programming. The study involved classical music in particular, I understand. It appears that the structured style […]

Exaggerated Claims

An earlier post about the Royal Wedding talked of a BBC claim of a global audience of “2 billion people”. That figure has since been described as “an educated guess” while experts like Dr Graham Mytton, former head of IBAR, who launched a quite vocal attack on its veracity during a BBC interview.. Could it […]

Anybody Watching (the Royal Wedding)?

Now that’s a different story! An event that is off the scale in terms of popularity and global appeal. We hardly need to ask ‘why?’ people around the world were drawn to this spectacular event on April 29 2011 as Prince William was married to Kate Middleton. Aside from the glamour and ceremony – it […]

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