Is Anybody Listening?

many talk but few listen

The Importance of Understanding

Understanding works two ways. I am still haunted by the memory of talking to an American lady whom I had never met before. She listened politely, then told me – with a slight degree of embarrassment – “I’m very sorry but I hardly understood one word you were saying…!” Ooops! That was many moons ago […]

Everybody Listening?

Listening is two-way. It has to be if a relationship is to grow and be healthy. Perhaps more accurately it needs to be circular as we engage in an on-going cycle of listening-speaking-listening-speaking. This takes us back to the base meaning of the word “communication” where we engage together as part of the “communitas” that […]

The Temptation to Shout Louder

I suppose that shouting louder is a very natural response – especially at the interpersonal level. People working in noisy environments, or among a bunch of noisy children, sometimes need to shout to be heard. But if people don’t want to hear, or if they are busy listening to something else, then shouting could be […]

Selective Listening

“You hear what you want to hear!” my mother used to tell me as a small child. And when I became a teenager too… There was a possibly a lot of truth in that. And it’s a truth that continues to this day, no doubt. My wife tells me she can see when I have […]

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