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Not Listening to Each Other?

Posted on | April 24, 2012 | No Comments

The speaker on the radio spoke of the dangers of not listening to each other. When that happens communication breaks down. It is not a good place to be… It could mean that it is too late and the point pof no return has been reached.
The context was the issue of assisted dying. Both sides have good things to say but if we are not careful opinions will polarise and the path toward constructive dialogue is cut off.
The way back can be very difficult. Something has to give…
That reminds me of an amusing incident I witnessed recently. It took place at a very narrow bridge across the Tamar River, connecting Devon to Cornwall. The traffic that Saturday morning had seized up. Few of us could see the bridge itself. Curiosity revealed the cause of the problem – two cars and their drivers were facing off against each other in the middle of the bridge! Neither would back down.
Finally a resolution was achieved as one car reversed back to let the other through. What had convinced the driver we shall never know but good sense had prevailed.
When communication breaks down it is a similar process that has to take place. Someone has to humble themselves. It may mean asking forgiveness or saying sorry but in the final analysis that is where the strength lies.


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