Is Anybody Listening?

many talk but few listen

What is Listening, after all?

Posted on | October 17, 2011 | No Comments

So far we have assumed that we all know what we mean when we talk about “listening” – but we could be mistaken.
Today all our senses are being stretched. Technology progresses at a rapid pace and continues to serve up new ways of communicating.
It used to be simple: speech, body language, sign language – even smoke signals.
Then the media came – print, phones, radio, TV, film, photography, records…
Finally the Internet came and blew everything apart. A second Gutenburg experience, it was described as. Publishing – not just locally, mark you, but globally – was put in the hands of the common person, or anyone who had access to the Internet.
Smart phones have just pushed this one step further into the community, and into the more remote areas of our world.
Now everyone is talking – or should we say “communicating”. Whatever it is, and however we define it, THAT is what we need to be listening to – words, graphic images, visual media. They are all saying something. And they are all “listening” to something and for something…
Just wanted to make sure we understand each other…both on and off the page!


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