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When Credibility is Lost

Posted on | July 11, 2011 | No Comments

Credibility is all about trust. Trust and confidence are too vitally important commodities that are easily under-valued. We possibly won’t realise how critical they are until they are lost.

Or perhaps we do, because we discover that trust first has to be built before relationships can be established.

It has a lot to do with word and deed. Words come easy…. but actions? Our experience of smooth talkers may have caused us to be cautious. Although we may not want to be suspicious our experience has taught us to be careful.

But as communicators we too need to guard trust and credibility with care. Sadly, the credibility that may have taken months or years to build up may be thrown away by a careless comment, by a lack of sensitivity or by a wrong action.

And, because of that, people won’t listen.

A famous London newspaper has recently been closed down over issues of integrity. Always known for its shocking revelations and exposes it has gone too far and its loyal readers have abandoned ship. Any credibility they once had has evaporated.

It reminds me of the old words from the Bible: Out of the heart the mouth speaks…


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