Is Anybody Listening?

many talk but few listen

A Lost Art?

Posted on | May 10, 2011 | No Comments

Is listening a lost art? In western culture at least where life is lived out at breakneck speed and few have time for anyone else. Gone are the days when children should be seen but not heard. Passive, obedient, well-mannered angels (?) that soaked up everything they were told. Well, that was the way that it was intended to be…by past generations.

But today people enjoy interaction. The young generation expects it. Passivity has gone out the window. TV viewing has gone into decline while games and social-networking demand and provide for interactivity.

So who listens?  The answer is anybody – provided they have something to listen to that absorbs their interest, and that makes them feel they have worth.

This comes as an enormous challenge to people who genuinely have something worth listening to – but they may lack communication skills. Sadly, content alone will not win the day. Good content usually needs to be packaged right for added impact. “Usually” because it is not exclusively so. Perhaps you too can recall the “still small voices” that have stood up and commanded an audience. Their sheer presence was compelling and people strained their ears to hear what they had to say. But these people are few – and their reputation has already preceded them. They are known for their wisdom – or for the controversial things they have to say.

A lost art? I have been working hard at it – but still have an awfully long way to go…


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