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many talk but few listen

Being heard – being respected

Posted on | November 13, 2014 | No Comments

Much frustration is generated in people who feel they are not being heard… They are ordinary people, just like you and me.  Perhaps you are one of them. Somehow our pleas for help – or even recognition – are not being heard.

In times past it may not have felt so bad, but in these days of social-networking we begin to expect an audience – at least someone somewhere who has noticed us and are aware of our existence. In many respects the knowledge that these channels exist – and yet no one seems to acknowledge us – just makes it more painful. We all need an audience of some kind.

But when there is no apparent audience it leads to despair and much soul-searching and grief.  Sometimes suicide.

Perhaps this condition afflicts our teenagers more than any other – a feeling that fuels hopelessness in lives for which peer recognition is at its most critical.

Yet the underlying issue is one of showing respect, is it not?. Does not everyone have the right to be heard – and understood?

Listening to others is not something we are taught, nor is it something we are very good at,  but when we do listen – and people know we are listening – it reaps wonderful rewards.

The moral is that we should be more concerned about taking time to listen to others than we are about making ourselves heard. Strangely, perhaps, it is when we invest more in listening to our intended listeners and accord them due respect, that we become better communicators ourselves.




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