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Listening to the Right People

Posted on | June 22, 2014 | No Comments

This thought was triggered by listening to this morning’s Sunday program on BBC Radio 4. The Vicar of Baghdad, as he is known, was being interviewed about the current sad state of affairs in Iraq.

His advice was that the warring factions need to listen to one another. Listen to the right people – people who have something to say. People with both knowledge and wisdom. I said a loud ‘amen!’

People with wisdom have a lot to teach us. There is knowledge available in abundance, but the right people couple useful knowledge with a profound wisdom. Many of the conflicts we face today are exceedingly complex. They also have long histories which need to be unravelled to be fully understood.

Wise people are not immediately obvious. They do not push themselves forward. They do not rush to offer solutions. They are not there to make a name for themselves. They are usually exceedingly humble and will point to their own limitations. In fact wise people often need to be sought out Рbut when found they clearly demonstrate a vast wealth of wisdom that needs to be tapped into.

Godly wisdom is something we should all cherish. Through such people God reveals his wisdom which far exceeds our own. And as the Bible points out the knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom.

Got a big problem? Perhaps you need to seek out a wise person who can give you the advice you need and whose insights are invaluable. ¬†Or you could try listening to God…. Now, that’s an idea…

By the way, wise people are usually those who listen well…




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