Is Anybody Listening?

many talk but few listen

The Hard Question

Posted on | January 20, 2014 | No Comments

Isn’t it wonderful to meet people who listen to us and appreciate what we are saying? It’s a tonic indeed – and gives us renewed energy as well as insight.

But what about those who don’t – or won’t – listen? That is the tough one…

And yet this hard question could be one of the most helpful in our striving to do better… Why don’t people listen? Why don’t they want to engage with us?

Here are a few suggestions on why people do not engage:

  • lack of awareness that we exist, or how to find us. We may need to use more popular media to point to our products.
  • wrong medium: they don’t do radio, or whatever. They prefer TV, or new media options.
  • unsuitable hours: they spend long hours at work and it is too late when they get home.
  • lack of interest in our current conversations: they find us boring, in content, presentation or both.
  • no interaction encouraged: they would prefer conversations they can engage in; they also want to be heard.
  • too much choice: why should they listen to us when there are other more appealing options?
  • they can’t understand us: we may use too many words or concepts they can’t relate to.
  • bad image or reputation: our brand may no longer be good for our intended audiences.
  • they don’t like our attitude or how we position ourselves. We sound superior…

These can be discussed further in later blogs, but for now the question is sufficient: Why don’t people listen?

It’s a hard one, but one that has to be asked – and hopefully answered.


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