Is Anybody Listening?

many talk but few listen

Right Place – Right Time

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What to say is one thing – but where to say it is quite another. In the days of the physical market place it may have been a lot easier.

Or you could put ads in the newspapers or on the radio or TV. Even that was relatively simple, but it required a degree of background knowledge to speak to the right audience.

Today, thanks to new technologies and especially the Internet and mobile phones, the job of selecting the most appropriate channels is increasingly complex. The fact that it is constantly changing does not help.

This raises a whole host of issues. ┬áIf we ask “Is anybody listening?” how can we be sure? We might even be saying all the right things – and saying them in an appealing format – but in the wrong place.

Happily there are some principles we can appeal to that will help us stay focused and attract an audience.

  • Go where they are to find out what their marketplace is
  • Stay close to the listener – to understand their needs and interests and the current fads
  • Do your research well – and don’t rely on guesswork
  • Face up to the facts – don’t deny them! If research shows you have no listeners it is probably true!
  • Multi-channel and cross-plug. Don’t pin all your hopes on one medium but get them to play off each other


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