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The Sandy Hook Tragedy

Posted on | December 14, 2012 | No Comments

News has just broken of the horrendous elementary school shooting in Connecticut. Too often have we seen this kind of senseless tragedy where schools have provided the backdrop. This time there were twenty 5-10 year-old children among the 26 dead. The lone gunman had reportedly also killed his parents, first his father at home and then his mother, a teacher at the Sandy Hook Elementary school. The children killed were those in her class.

It raises once again so many serious questions, not least on the topic of gun control. Perhaps more searching is the question “why?” What would prompt a 24- year-old to perpetrate such an unfeeling crime?  We don’t know enough at this point to reach any conclusions.

In similar instances we often find that the gunmen have been loners, angry people, perhaps bullied.  By taking such drastic action they are trying to make a statement. They want to be heard.

If only they had been heard sooner….


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