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Listen to the Crowd…!

Posted on | August 5, 2012 | No Comments

The roar of the Olympic crowds has been deafening. Competing on home turf has meant enormous support for home athletes, teams and crews.

It has also given them a significant advantage ┬áRowing crews described the impact as being like that of having an extra person in the boat as they approached the final strait. The cheers of support in the cycling velodrome made the whole place vibrate – almost to the point of pain…

Under such circumstances there are only two kinds of messages from the crowd: cheers of support or boos of disapproval. Happily the British crowds are usually very generous, cheering quality athletes from any country so long as they are not competing against a Brit!

Listening to the crowd therefore has a huge impact. It is not the kind of thing that can be ignored. It is a powerful force that human beings communicate to indicate solidarity and support – and is worth every ounce as we compete to do the right thing on the world stage. Boos, equally, indicate we are out-of-step and do not find approval. That sends a strong message too. But it also assumes that the crowd is right.

The crowd sometimes gets it wrong. The Jewish crowd got it terribly wrong when Jesus was put up for trial on false charges. They yelled for Barabbas – a notorious criminal – to be released and Jesus to be crucified. The crowd also stoned Stephen to death – basically for speaking the painful truth.

Let’s hope we find the encouragement we need and provide the crowds with the reward of success or evidence of a job well done. And if they are booing…we may need to examine ourselves.



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