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many talk but few listen

Listening as Therapy

Posted on | July 20, 2012 | No Comments

No, I am not a therapist, but I have noticed how much people are helped when we simply listen.

Sometimes we don’t even need to say anything, but just listen. That was something else I learned from my wife…

I remember once when she came home after visiting someone facing difficulties. The lady poured out her heart – and my wife said very little. Just listened. When it was time to go the lady told her how much help she had been. As my wife recounted it to me she told how the lady had simply talked and talked – while she had virtually said nothing!

How does that work? I don’t fully understand it but one thing is clear: some people just need to know that someone hears them and takes on board what they say.

We might be tempted to think this is a women’s thing, but I have met many lonely men in the same boat. It is especially hard for people who live on their own. For them their understanding pets become their audience. But for those who don’t keep pets…?

Happily, listening is something we can all do. We don’t need a study program or impressive qualifications. But we may have to master that bad habit of turning people off when they want to dump…especially in our busy lives.


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