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Why Did We Not Listen…?

Posted on | May 10, 2012 | No Comments

This week we heard of nine men found guilty of grooming then farming out young girls for sex. These were all vulnerable teenagers, many of whom were in care, and all open to exploitation.
Some had appealed for help but their cries had gone unheard when they had reported what was going on. Now the full scale of the exploitation has been uncovered and the public is horrified by the shocking details.
“Why did we not listen to children who had been exploited by sex gangs?” someone asked on the radio. Someone else pointed out that it had been swept under the carpet for fear of stirring up racial tensions in the community. (All those found guilty were Asians).
If we were honest we might find that we too are guilty of turning a deaf ear to those vulnerable people in society. Things can get messy very quickly if we interfere, we reason. Personal experience may have taught us that already, (We can’t be too careful, can we…?). So we pass by on the other side…
Are there not many around us who are in need of help even though they don’t express it in words? Why do we not listen?
May God give us the grace to listen – and hear…and be stirred by compassion to do something!


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