Is Anybody Listening?

many talk but few listen

When Silence Speaks

Silence can sometimes speak very loudly. Most recently one news reporter in Brussels was there to report on the aftermath of the bombings there a few weeks ago. The crowds gathered in the streets stood in silence – a very poignant silence that spoke volumes. Sometimes it is the still small voice or the complete absence […]

Being heard – being respected

Much frustration is generated in people who feel they are not being heard… They are ordinary people, just like you and me.  Perhaps you are one of them. Somehow our pleas for help – or even recognition – are not being heard. In times past it may not have felt so bad, but in these […]

Listening to the Right People

This thought was triggered by listening to this morning’s Sunday program on BBC Radio 4. The Vicar of Baghdad, as he is known, was being interviewed about the current sad state of affairs in Iraq. His advice was that the warring factions need to listen to one another. Listen to the right people – people […]

Wrong Number?

How often have you discovered you have been trying to contact someone on the wrong phone number – or perhaps an old phone number that is no longer in use? It is frustrating because of the lack of response – especially if you have something important or urgent to discuss. You are not getting through. […]

When a Nation Doesn’t Listen

Can a nation stop listening – or refuse to listen? A few weeks ago Britain was marking the passing of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In a BBC radio programme commentators were reviewing how she had dealt with the trade unions that had assumed so much power and control under Harold Wilson’s Labour Government. During […]

Silence is Golden – Really?

It is easy to jump to the conclusion that nobody is listening. ‘No response’ can be interpreted in a variety of ways, after all. That no one is listening is perhaps the easiest conclusion to reach but it can be far from the truth.  It depends largely on the circumstances of the listener and the […]

And you…?

Isn’t it strange how we tend to expect much more of others than we do of ourselves…? In this forum I am thinking here particularly in the context of listening, of course. The implication is that we may expect others to listen to us, to our ideas, our problems, our life experiences – but we […]

Right Place – Right Time

What to say is one thing – but where to say it is quite another. In the days of the physical market place it may have been a lot easier. Or you could put ads in the newspapers or on the radio or TV. Even that was relatively simple, but it required a degree of […]

The Sandy Hook Tragedy

News has just broken of the horrendous elementary school shooting in Connecticut. Too often have we seen this kind of senseless tragedy where schools have provided the backdrop. This time there were twenty 5-10 year-old children among the 26 dead. The lone gunman had reportedly also killed his parents, first his father at home and […]

It’s Surprising What You Hear…

Telling our stories is very much in vogue these days – and it has never been easier. I have been writing up some of my “adventures” for a few years already – spurred on by those who keep saying to me “Why don’t you write a book?” A blog seems a good place to start. […]

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