Is Anybody Listening?

many talk but few listen

When a Nation Doesn’t Listen

Can a nation stop listening – or refuse to listen? A few weeks ago Britain was marking the passing of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. In a BBC radio programme commentators were reviewing how she had dealt with the trade unions that had assumed so much power and control under Harold Wilson’s Labour Government. During […]

What If I Listened More…?

This is a big one – because it strikes deep at who I am…. Not long after getting married I noted that my wife said very little – and I was doing all the talking. So I asked her why… Her reply was very blunt: “What’s the point, because you never listen anyhow…?” Ouch! That […]

Why Did We Not Listen…?

This week we heard of nine men found guilty of grooming then farming out young girls for sex. These were all vulnerable teenagers, many of whom were in care, and all open to exploitation. Some had appealed for help but their cries had gone unheard when they had reported what was going on. Now the […]

Behind London Burning

“Young people feel they are not being listened to” was the reason given by one member of Parliament today. She was identifying a possible root cause of the recent rioting, looting and burning that took place in London and other major cities in England this past week. Was she right? We don’t know the full […]

When Credibility is Lost

Credibility is all about trust. Trust and confidence are too vitally important commodities that are easily under-valued. We possibly won’t realise how critical they are until they are lost. Or perhaps we do, because we discover that trust first has to be built before relationships can be established. It has a lot to do with […]

Talking to Ourselves

Why not? is a good question but not asked often enough by those who should. People generally are more absorbed with why people do listen rather than concerned by why they don’t. Narcissistic, perhaps? The result is that we can end up too easily talking to ourselves – only. We like those topics we feel […]

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